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At Mulkins Main Dental we look at each client’s dental needs as part of an overall plan for healthy living. Our goal is an integrated plan that incorporates oral health as part of the comprehensive physical condition. We review all medical records, prescriptions, over-the-counter supplements, and previous dental history as we formulate the plan of treatment. We enjoy educating our clients and will be happy to explain the role of good dental health in your lifestyles.

Through a collaborative team approach that includes the patient, dentist, and hygienist, we are able to provide treatment options and valuable information and insights so that our clients are able to make informed decisions. Our treatment plans are predicated on options that have been scientifically developed and improved. They are recognized and approved by educational research facilities and by Canadian dental associations.

When materials are needed we only purchase from the top five manufacturers. We are open to new products and techniques that will improve life choices for our clients as well as provide them with the best possible dental outcomes.

How It Works

Our team approach works by involving all interested parties. That includes the patient, family members (when appropriate), dentists, hygienists, and support staff. Our goals are solid, long-term results for the circumstances of each individual. Using the latest information on scientific research and approaches, we hope to offer the best dental care in Stittsville.

All products are ordered from reputable manufacturers. Equipment is well maintained and sanitized regularly.