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Dental Bridges

If teeth are missing, our dentists in Stittsville can prescribe a bridge. This is a series of interconnecting crowns designed for your mouth. Its purpose is to keep the remaining teeth from moving and restore proper eating and chewing function.

Dental Bridges Benefits

In roadwork, a bridge will span the gap between two surfaces. Similarly, a dental bridge will close the gap between missing teeth. When this device is in place, it provides a more secure structure to eat, speak, and smile.

A permanent restorative solution for enhanced comfort and longevity. 

Who Needs Dental Bridges?

Ideal candidates are those who have missing or severely damaged teeth, gum disease, or issues with bite.

This is more than a cosmetic procedure.

  • Restoring a healthy bite for chewing and speaking
  • Maintains the shape of the face
  • Improved smile
  • Reducing damage to remaining teeth
  • Self confidence after an accident or injury