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Stittsville Braces

The use of braces to adjust teeth and align the jaw is still one of the best options around. 

Traditional Braces (Orthodontics) Offered by Mulkins Main Dental

Gone are the clunky, heavy metal appliances. Today’s braces are flatter and smaller.

Phase I and Phase II Orthodontic Treatments

Phase 1 orthodontics usually takes place when a child is between ages 6 and 10. This is the time when the primary teeth (baby teeth) are still in place. At this point, the mouth and jaw can be adjusted to accommodate the permanent teeth and to improve the bite pattern. This phase involves either an active retainer or partial braces.

Phase 2 focuses on each tooth aligned in its proper position and usually involves both upper and lower braces. The process lasts on average about two years.

The details of each treatment and the duration will depend on the amount of correction necessary. Since each plan of treatment is personalized, we would be happy to discuss your needs or that of your child. Some of the treatment options include bands, wires, elastics and removal appliances. We also offer Invisalign as an option. Invisalign are clear, removable aligners that are preferred by many adults.

Looking for an orthodontist?

At Mulkins Main Dental we are able to do most orthodontics in-house, eliminating the need to refer elsewhere. We are able to arrange for all the appliances and procedures to be done here at our facility. We suggest an initial consultation visit to review your records and goals and to give you a better idea of the types of treatment available for your correction and the duration to complete treatment.